Coronovirus – Covid19

Before re-opening clubs in September 2020 we went through a process of Action Planning and Risk Assessments under the guidance of the National Youth Agency. These have now been revised several times in line with latest guidance with the last revision in January 2022. We still have the same processes of proper and regular hand washing, taking temperatures of both staff and young people, sanitizing stations outside each room, extensive sanitizing between groups, social distancing, face coverings for those aged 11 years and over. We no longer have to operate the ‘bubble’ system so that young people can move from one room to another, but staff will aim to ensure only 20 young people are in any room at one time.

We have requested that no young people attend if they have any symptoms and have procedures in place if someone shows symptoms within a session.

Risk Assessments were produced for each club and received from each venue. You can download a typical risk assessment but please ask if you’d like the version for the club your young person attends.

Five-steps Poster Download in pdf format

Risk Assessments were produced for level when required, you can download the latest version, Readiness Level – Yellow below

RISK ASSESSMENT Yellow- Revised Jan 2022